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About Us

Founded in 2008 by an active airline pilot, Air Charter Business goal is to provide excellence in products and service to the Air Charter aviation community that surpasses our customers’ expectations.  We service the needs of individuals, corporate, and regional operators.  We are an efficient, customer-focused brokerage-service, delivering excellent customer care in air charter and air charter aircraft needs.

Our proven expertise, quality of work, diverse capabilities, and competitive downtimes have earned us loyal customers throughout the industry and allowed us to expand in theater.

We continue to research products that are consistent with our experience, knowledge, background and business plan.

We take pride in our reputation for superior customer service and quality products, and we would consider it a privilege to provide you with our quality on hands approach.

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What We Do?

We put the Seller and Buyer together in the most efficient means possible.  Protecting both parties from mishaps and creating an all-around enjoyment in the Part 135 transaction process.

  • – Customer Centrism
  • – Accountability
  • – Team over self
  • – Dependability

Basically let us do all the hard work and you enjoy your life in the shade on the beach.

Who We Are?

We are comprised of aviation minded individuals who come together for one cause – to make the Part 135 aviation world easier and more efficient.  We will work vigorously to find the perfect opportunity for you.  Going through many databases and connecting the Seller and Buyer together will make the process effortless and will provide you with more time and energy to enjoy life.

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